Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

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Keeping your information private is something that Chalet is absolutely committed to. We want you to visit our site regularly, with complete confidence and without any unanswered questions. We want to share our privacy policy with you so that you know exactly how we gather information and what we do (and don't do) with that information. This just seems like common courtesy to us.

Chalet also gathers information about customers through:

  • Shop cart order form
  • My account contact update form
  • Promotional Contetst ( an opt-in choice )
  • Newsletter registration form (an opt-in choice)
  • Contact Us email form

​How we use this information

The information we obtain from you is used for these purposes:

  1. To process payments for product purchases and send you items you have ordered
  2. To contact you if necessary (regarding your purchase or contact details provided)
  3. To generate purchasing statistics from online surveys and competitions (an opt-in choice)
  4. To contact you if you win a competition (an opt-in choice)
  5. To send you information about our company/products and promotional material from some of our partners (if you join one of our mailing lists, an opt-in choice)
  6. To send you information from our culinary program (if you join the culinary program, an opt-in choice)
  7. To answer any general queries you submit via our contact us email form​